Do you really mean “You are loved by God”?

No. The phrase is intentionally ambiguous. God is not a concept that is meaningful or useful to everyone. It’s also a concept that I have complicated feelings about.


Wouldn’t it be more courageous and encouraging to say “I love you” instead of “You are loved.”

It would be different to say “I love you.” But I might not even know you. And how meaningful is that?

I care about authenticity. I care about saying what I mean and meaning what I say. I don’t want to say “I love you” if I am not sure if it’s true — though I do love many of my readers!

Meanwhile, I do not presume that you care in the least whether or not I love you. Many of us have little patience for such sloppy sentimentality among strangers.

But I am sure that somebody does love you.

Maybe you do need to be reminded that God loves you. Or your Mother. Or your Ancestors. Or your cat. Or maybe I was thinking specifically of you or people like you and you can lean into the possibility of my love.

But no matter what your life is like, I am sure that somebody does love you. And so I am here to hopefully remind you. To remind you that you are loved.

And I am here to say it over and over again like an incantation, because it seems like it’s something we just don’t get reminded of often enough in this world of ours.


How do you write these?

Sometimes I am thinking about what a particular person I care about is going through. Sometimes I write for myself. Sometimes I am responding to themes or incidents I hear or see in the world. Sometimes I just listen for Spirit. Sometimes I just fall back to simplicity when nothing else comes.


How do I get in on this magic?

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Why do you charge for the love?

We have found that people often come to rely on these messages. The small monthly fee is enabling us to provide a reliable source of encouragement on a daily basis, while providing compensation for our voice artists.