November 21, 2017 Post-#TDOR

#gratitude to all you trans siblings who held vigil and made witness.
#gratitude for the resilience of all who survived another year.
#gratitude for our beloved dead and the ways they rise in power

#love to all the non-binary folx who got hit with more well-meaning “sister and brother”-ing.
#love to all who endured cis folx grandstanding on our graves.
#love to POC who endured white folx appropriating the risks you bear every day.
#love to trans women who found a way through, over, or around the toxic masculinity that provided only the smallest of colonized spaces for you to occupy, leaving you to fight for the rest of what you need and deserve.

#love to those who listened for a single word and heard only silence.
#love to those who would have loved to be in community but didn’t have the access or capacity to get out.
#love to all those who just held on to make it through a day of more trauma and traumatizing references.

#gratitude for visionary trans leadership.
#gratitude for the way the light breaks through our broken places.
#gratitude for the way we trouble the waters.
#gratitude for living to tell the tale.

May this be a year of healing and restoration for us all. You are loved.

#YouAreLoved #OtherWiseEngaged #AwkwardlyYours